Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Red and White-Tailed Tropicbirds...

Like the past few weeks post I am trying to mix other things in with the Elk post. While going through my files I realized there was many photos from Hawaii that could be used. If you are new to the blog in July my family and I vacationed in Hawaii for two weeks.

These photographs were taken at Kilauea Point the Hanalei National Wildlife Refuge on the north shore of the island of Kaua'i. I will point out now that if I ever went back to Hawaii it would be to this island as it has it all in beautiful scenery, many birds, active volcano great snorkeling areas and the whales in the winter.

These two birds are the red-tailed and white-tailed tropicbird. If I only had more time at this location to shoot more the birding was fantastic. These birds nest on the ledges and cliffs of the island. The locals call them "crater birds."

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Heather Crokus said...

I can't believe how clear these photographs are as I am sure those birds fly pretty fast! Great work!