Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Ah! That's Sweet...

I am not even going to tell you where this photo was taken, if you are a regular to the blog then by now you already know. If you don't telling you will not help any. This bull approached the calf and began grooming him, wouldn't you know it while photographing this the memory card became filled and I had to switch cards in the middle and missed most of it. It never fails.

This photo was taken under similar circumstances and lighting as the one from November 3RD's post, I like the way it came out better with the golden colors we were seeing.

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Heather Crokus said...

LOVE it! I think I have the same kind of luck as you... not necessarily the memory card but it's always something!

Sparky said...

Great picture. You need to put that one in a frame. My luck is call batteries.