Monday, November 2, 2009

The Largest Bull We Seen...

This was the largest bull we seen during the rut in Benezette. This guy was an 8X9 and appeared to be the most dominant bull and had the largest herd of cows during the rut. For me he was not the most attractive bull there, my vote would go to the old one I featured on a video a couple of weeks ago with the tired bugle. If this guy looks familiar, check the new blog header I put up last Sunday.

Can you believe it is November already, where does the time go. We will soon be Christmas shopping and starting another new year.


Heather Crokus said...

I believe we saw this one (but in the distance) as well! I am comparing my picture with yours and looks like a match! That's so neat... he was laying down at the top of a hill so we really only got a silouhette but can't mistake those antlers!

Anonymous said...

Haven't said much but your two bloggs are great. I enjoy reading both.
You are correct about Christmas shopping soon except that my wife has already been doing that since last season and we are about done.

Keep up the good work Brad and stay safe in all you do.