Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Elk Cows...

To many Elk posts leaves me speechless. I do not know if it is the same cow but they were both taken the same day in the same area, one in the morning and the other in the evening. Not to worry I will switch things up on Thursday and post something other than Elk, maybe.

My post are normally scheduled post often uploaded an completed as many as two to three weeks in advance. This one was no different, but after reading the Pa. Wildlife Photographer (Willard's site) last evening I felt the need to update this post. The Elk hunting season is underway in Pennsylvania and I will not take information from his post and copy it here but I will ask you to click the link and visit his site for additional information. I will say that unconfirmed reports are that the large 8X9 bull featured in the November 2 post and the header for this site was taken during the hunt. I spent enough time around these beautiful animals during the rut and this guy in particular to know that he was not scared of humans and was acclimated to people. He would not have posed a sport to shoot no matter what the story ends up being. I want everyone to know that I am not against hunting and hunted for years along with many members of my family. But somehow shooting one of the Elk that is acclimated to people and spends his time around the town of Benezette possible being hand fed from time to time is no different than shooting the neighbors dog as he is chained to his dog house and mounting his head on the wall. It is just not a sport and needs to change.

My son and I had planned a December trip back to photograph the Elk in the snow. Unfortunately he will not get to enjoy this great animal the way I and so many others did. You know some people just really piss me off.


HANNIBAL said...

I had read Willards post, and wondered if it was the same one you had just posted. The whole thing breaks my heart!

Sparky said...

I just don't know what to say. A Myers with nothing to say. I to hunted when I was younger. But now I would just like walking the woods looking at the animals now. Keep up the great job Brad. what ever you post I will be there to look at it.

Heather Crokus said...

I posted on my blog about the man I met that had been chosen for the hunt. When he told me he was out "scouting" because he was not going to pay the money for an experienced guide since his tag was "just for a cow." I was so appalled! Then he said, "hell, I'd come up with the $1,500 for a bull, but no way for a cow." When he continued on to proudly say he was in the Benezette zone I warned him not to go around telling too many people that around there! Here's this "outsider" walking around Benezette scouting out elk that the people there call by name! Once again I question the sport of such a hunt, I really believe the zones should be reconfigured only to include the outskirts of the range that are not tourist-filled areas. The elk in Benezette and nearby towns are so acclimated to people and as you said have even reportedly gone so far to eat from peoples hands. That 9x8 was magnificent and he never stood a chance. This is a sad week for those of us lucky enough to meet this incredible bull.

Elk Scenic Drive said...

I appreciate your anger in this matter.
I am very sad. I believe I was one of the last people to spend time with this bull. He was in our yard (we stayed at the Elk Country Hideaway) Friday, Saturday and Sunday. He came in the morning and then in the afternoon, and he would stay until dark. What a sight, to sit there and eat supper while watching this wonderful creature. I named him Fred lll, because he resembles Fred Jr. so much. Many believe he was his boy.
He was VERY TAME AND VERY KIND. I spent a lot of time outside with him. He was awesome. Killing him was such a heartless thing to do. It's also the coward's way of hunting.
I see we also lost #47. If this practice continues, we will no longer have monster bulls in the future.
This will effect tourism as well, because who wants to go there and enjoy seeing these great elk and then come home and find out they were killed the next day? Now the photos and videotape will bring saddness and frustration.
I took hundreds of photos of him and will post a tribute to him in the near future.