Thursday, November 26, 2009

More SNP Whitetails...

There is not much to say that I have not already said about the trip to SNP for the whitetail rut. This young 4X2 buck was photographed my first morning in the park. I hope everyone enjoys their Thanksgiving and gets plenty to eat. For me it is another day at work. That should bring a few oven fires, a regular for us on Thanksgiving.

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Jeff Sullivan said...

After almost (2) months on the mountain I've been thinking the same thing that nothing more can be said about SNP. Then, out of the wild blue, the old monarch appeared at UH Thanksgiving Eve. Check my post later. Honestly, he has many hard years on him. Only a (6)point now, probably beyond his prime, but very wide and massive bases. The One who guides you on your journeys afield, He who whispers in those most special moments on the mountain, to him working on this Thanksgiving so others will remain safe, offers to you hope and encouragement: see John 15:13.