Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Hershey Bears...

Hey final Hershey Bears post of the season, I would have like to post more on them during the season but you have already heard me complain about not being allowed to take cameras into the arena. These were taken at one of there last practices at the Giant Center, top to bottom are Jay Beagle, Steve Pinizzotto and Tyler Sloan.

Over the next month my post should get shorter and some days I may skip. I am having a problem finding time and even photos to post. I really thought this weekend I would get plenty of shots to carry me over for a couple of weeks. Shane was to play rugby on Saturday, rained out, open house at Harley-Davidson, poured all day. Then the air show in Dover, Delaware, pushed back to Sunday because of other commitments, then skipped because of to much work to do and bad weather plus over time. I was also going to attend a Civil War event that featured canons firing at night, NOT I worked over time instead. On the bright side I have some money, just no photographs.

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Ken Conger Photography said...

Congrats on your Bears. Know you must be happy. Been enjoying your hockey shots. Don't be surprised if Sports Illustrated calls. Blue Skies.