Saturday, June 13, 2009


HAPPY 13TH BIRTHDAY SHANE! Today my best buddy Shane turns 13 years old, where has the time gone. Just yesterday he was a baby and now he is a teenager. Shane is a well behaved young man, he is an honor roll student, plays the drums, hockey and rugby. He is also active in Boy Scouts and working towards his Eagle. Together we do allot of things, one of them bowling in a parent child league. Shane I am very proud of you and love you very much. I hope you get everything you asked for and have a great birthday.

The photographs are of a few of the things we have done in the past month. Starting at the top Shane is standing outside the Bears locker room last Tuesday after practice, he was able to get ever team member to sign the back of his shirt. In the third photograph Shane uses the cutter to remove the "A" post from a car last Saturday when he took part in the Child's Dream weekend at my volunteer fire department in Shippensburg. This was Shane's third and final year he could take part in this great program. The last two photos of him were taken last month at the Carlisle Army Heritage Center during Armed Forces Day.

How about those Bears, they won their record 10Th Calder Cup last night beating the Moose 4-1. Tonight they celebrate at the Giant Center for the fans. Shane already said he wanted to go and since it is his big day, we will. By the way our young goalie Nuevy won the MVP, congrats.

On a side not this is post number 500 for me on the site.


Michele said...

YAY.... Happy birthday to you Shane!!
Hope your day is wonderful!! Full of fun and tons of good things to do!
Your photos look awesome, you truly are a handsome young man!


Woody said...

Happy Birthday Buddy, I might see you tonight at the Giant Center...

Anonymous said...

hey there incase anybody was wondering the gun i am holding in an stg-44 its a german machine gun.


Haney said...

Happy Birthday, Shane. And congrats to your Bears. And congrats Brad on 500. See Saturday posts aren't that bad.

Anonymous said...

HAppy B-Day Shane....How Bout dem Bears......Skinn

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Shane.

Time does fly by rather quick, Brad. 3 years from now, "Dad, Can I borrow the car?" Been there.

Congrats on the 500 on this site and 600 on the SFD site.


Michelle Johnson said...

Happy B-day Shane. Hope your day is filled with everything you could ask for and more.

Brad, wait till he starts driving and you'll really be saying where'd the time go. Have a great day you guys.

Torsdag said...

Good to have a boy like Shane.
Happy Birthday !!!

Hartmut from Germany

Sparky said...

Happy Birthday Shane. And way to go on 500 Brad. And yes go Bears, but you didn't say anything about the great team that won the Stanley Cup?