Tuesday, June 9, 2009


I would love to be able to post photographs from the last couple of games at the Giant Center but like I mentioned in a recent post the Giant Center will no longer allow cameras into the building. If it has a detachable lens or the lens on a point and shoot sticks out further than a credit card the cameras are banned. This is after allowing fans to bring cameras into the arena for years with the stipulation that we do not sell photos. I know myself and most fans stuck to that, but apparently a few decided to sell on eBay. Instead of going after those individuals they punished everyone. Funny thing is the person that was doing it got press credentials after the rule change and is still doing it. They even allow Greg Mace's young son to bring in his camera. We fans and season ticket holders pay allot of money each year to enjoy our team, it is a shame that management has to give us the shaft. Enough of the negatives for now, onto the game.

This video was taken with my phone at Sunday nights game four of the Calder Cup finals. The Bears won the game 2-1 to take a commanding three games to one advantage. For the first time in almost 30 years we get a chance to see our team have a chance to win the cup in front of the home crowd. The last two games have been sell outs and the fans have been crazy. This was taken in the last few seconds of the game, it gives you a chance to see how excited and loud the fans are and how much the team is enjoying their success. Tonight it is back to the Giant Center for game five and hopefully a chance to watch our team lift the cup and set a record for 10 titles in their history.

Hey Giant Center you constantly say you have the best fans in the AHL and we keep setting records for attendance, now how about treating us like you appreciate us. Remember without the fans you are nothing, WE PAY THE BILLS FOR YOU.



Woody said...

Brad, I agree 100% about the shaft with the cameras. Are you going to the game tonight?

Bradley Myers said...

I will be setting in my regular seats (the ones the video was taken from). When I retire I will give these seats up and move to the first row instead of the fourth row.

Willard said...


That is amazingly steady video for being taken with a cell phone. Many do not hold larger camcorders that well!

I understand your comment about commenting. There are some days that I visit blogs and enjoy them, but am just not in the frame of mind to write comments or have too much else going on.

I also agree with what you are saying about the restrictions. I thought that when I laid down the gun for the camera that I was getting away from all the rules and regulations, but unfortunately that is often not the case. I do hope they reconsider and permit you to take the DSLR again, but I wouldn't count on it.

Also, the cardinal shots are excellent. The first one is the perfect portrait, while the second has an appealing "inquisitive" look.

Ken Conger Photography said...

Some of the phone shots I see are simply amazing. Like your series. Sure hope your team wins. Blue Skies.

Tracy P. said...

So, Wayne and I were at tonight's game. We got stopped at the door because I had a tiny umbrella in my bag ... I was told I had to toss it in the trash or take it back to the car b/c umbrellas are banned. Huh? Since when?

Then, inside the arena, I see a man with his SLR standing at the glass taking pictures (no credentials, just fan). A minute later a security guard walks up to him. Of course, I'm assuming the guard is telling him he has to take his SLR out to the car, per their stupid new rules. Apparently I was wrong. They chatted for a minute, the guard walks off and the guy continues to take his pictures before proceeding back to his seat.

I think this rule is stupid, but if they're going to institute it then they sure as hell should enforce it (especially since I've been playing by the rules and keeping my SLR at home).

Bradley Myers said...

I also play by the rules Tracy and I have seen others get away with it. I guess you took notice that everything they say and preach is about how great there fans are, then they don't take care of us.

The subway promotion of taking in your ticket stub and buying a 6" and getting a 6" free, not good for season ticket holders like us that pay for our whole season seats in June. They forgot to print it on the back of our stubs. We need to take our tickets to guest services and have them give us vouchers, then they hassle us about whay we want so many. BECAUSE I PAID FOR THEM. We almost all of our 120 stubs to them, just because.

Have you noticed the quality of giveaways the last two years, and lack of t-sshirts into the stands during the playoff?

I for one would love to quit going just to make a stand but I can't keep away from the games.

They do allow cameras at practice (for now anyways), Shane and I went yesterday and I made up for not having it at games.

Lets just hope for a win on Friday, GO BEARS!

Tracy P. said...

I know exactly what you mean! It's like they forget about those of us who actually go to the games all season long. Needless to say, I was pissed when I saw the guard chit chat with the dude who had his camera, but didn't make it put it away or take it to his car.

Wayne and I were also talking about the lack of and poor quality of the giveaways, too. That's not why we go, but hell, they get enough of our money each year that you'd think we could at least get a good freebee every now and then.

I told Wayne last night that I was tempted to write Giant Center management just to voice my opinion on their lack of rules enforcement, but I figured it would just be a pure waste of time.

Here's hoping for a win Friday night!!