Monday, June 15, 2009

Harrisburg Senators Baseball...

No Bird Photography Weekly anymore they changed it from Monday to Sunday and since no one looks at the site on Sunday's I won't be participating. Don't think for a second that it means no more bird photographs because there will be plenty more. I get great enjoyment out of watching and photographing our feathered friends.

On June 4TH the Senators played an afternoon game at Metro Bank Park in Harrisburg. I had other things to do but decided to take the opportunity to watch a game and get a few shots. The Sens won the game 1-0 when a batter was hit by a pitch with the bases loaded in the bottom of the 9TH inning. The top photo is center fielder Edgardo J. Baez making a great running catch in the later innings to save a run and the bottom photo is third baseman Joel Guzman.

I used to be a huge baseball fan, growing up liking the Baltimore Orioles and I still do. I would listen to every game during the summer on my little am transistor radio I got with S & H green stamps (showing my age now). In the last few years I have faded away from the sport, with all the cheating (steroids) and big money spending for free agents it just lost something for me. I still enjoy my minor league AA ball.


This DVM's Wife's Life said...

Great pictures! Try attending a little league baseball game sometime. Might get you "back in the game".
My son is on the 11-12 league and it is a blast to watch. That and my daughter's 7-8 softball. Very fun!

Anonymous said...

Brad, let me know when you are coming down, to see the big league team.


Bradley Myers said...

Jimmy, you guys have a perfect record don't you, 0-and whatever. Way to stay perfect. I guess the practice you guys went to instead of my truck class that day really paid off, LOL. You guys should stick to firefighting or working bingo.

Anonymous said...

Brad, I was working. Also I meant the Nationals.