Monday, June 22, 2009

Bears Celebrate...

Last week I mentioned that the Hershey Bears won their record 10TH Calder Cup title. On Saturday June 13TH the Giant Center was opened to fans to celebrate and see the team one last time before the players parted ways for the off season. After attending 50 or so games over the season we decided to go and enjoy the the cup with the team.

In the top photograph team captain Bryan Helmer comes on stage with the cup raised high. After all the players were introduced a few went to the podium for comments before the players took to the rink to sign autographs. In the second photograph Alex Giroux showers the team with champagne. Shane got the opportunity to hold the cup high like the players, I was not in the crowd at the time but a friend managed to get a photo with their phone.

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Willard said...

Hi Brad,

I see you have been busy documenting a lot of interesting events and as usual have done an excellent job.

I will likely go back north on July 13th and stay at least most of the week. If you decide to go the same time, it should be easy to meet up. Let me know for sure if our dates correspond and I'll e-mail you how to find me up there.

That week works out well because about the same time frame a month later gives one good opportunities to catch the bulls shedding the velvet. I hope it works out that we can get together.