Friday, June 19, 2009

12TH Annual Child's Dream Weekend...

On June 6 and 7 my volunteer fire company the West End Fire and Rescue Company of Shippensburg hosted their 12TH annual Child's Dream weekend. The event normally has 20 to 24 kids ages 11-13 participating in the weekend. The children show up Saturday morning and spend the day learning what it is like to be a firefighter. The learn EMS, CPR, ropes and knots, how to cut cars and many other things. They then get to swim in the fire chiefs pool before having a pizza dinner, then showers and off to the miniature golf course before coming back to the fire house for a movie and bed. Sunday morning starts off early with breakfast then Life Lion out of Hershey medical center followed by a confined space drill and then graduation.

The children all have a great time, some go on to become members and at times their parents become members. We get to educate the community and at the same time give two dozen kids a great summer weekend. My son participated the past three years and loved it. I would like to thank Chief O'Donnell and the members of the West End Fire Company for helping the community and sponsoring a great event. I would also like to thank the Kieth Hess fund and Drew Taylor fund for donating money to help with the weekend.

Since it is my site I get to post photos of my son during the weekend. In the first photo Shane is extinguishing a class "B" fire with a dry chemical extinguisher, in the second photo he uses the jaws to spread and pop open a door on a car. If you look back to Saturday June 13TH post you will see a photo of him using the cutters to cut an "A" post on a car.

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Sparky said...

This is a great weekend, enjoyed not only by the kids, but the adults that help out. Keep up the great job WEFR. And it is OK with the pictures of your son Brad.