Monday, July 28, 2008

Why Am I Home?

Yes I am home and that makes me sad. We had a great week enjoying the water, the sun and everything else that goes with the beach. It really makes me miss the times when we spent almost half the summers at Fenwick Island.

We packed in as much as we could for Shane treating him to clamming and crabbing for the first time. We spent time at both boardwalks, flew kites, ran from the horses and seen the Sika Elk at Assateague. We seen a couple of movies and the Dark Night was awesome and we ate plenty of Grotto's pizza.

I am not big on taking my camera to the beach so I waited until the last day to take it out. Everyday the dolphins swim back and forth in the ocean, we have watched them for decades but this year they seem to play allot more. At times they would breach like a whale and they flapped their tails on the water much more. I didn't want to take the long lens along to the beach for a number of reasons so these were taken with a shorter lens, not the best but you get a taste of what it looked like.

I guess this week will be a mixed bag of photographs, Shane and troop 90 held their final court of honor on Sunday, he played in a rugby tournament on Saturday and then there is more photographs from the beach with lots of wild pony's. And I am planning to start posting Friday's as "Sky Watch Friday" to help increase the amount of viewers I get.


Sparky said...

Glad you had a good time on the beach, but you didn't say anything about the fair... It is better to play in the water.

Bradley Myers said...

We did attend the fair Saturday evening for about two hours long enough to get dinner, let Shane ride a few rides and me to visit with the WEFR guys, before heading to Linda's reunion.

I am glad we went, it reminds me why we live here now and reminds us why we are not moving back.

Who ever heard of a fair without a ferris wheel?