Monday, July 7, 2008

Mother Cardinal...

This is mother cardinal, she along with her better half Mr. Cardinal and there three little ones live in our back yard. When I took her photograph last week they were still expecting the little ones to arrive, but while away at camp her and her significant other gave birth to three little ones.

They built a nest in one of our butterfly bushes and are very protective of it. When we are around they stay on the nest as long as they feel safe then they start the chirping. This particular day as I was photographing him and her they were chirping there heads off. In the second photo she would watch me and twist her neck around looking at different angles.

Tomorrow I will introduce Mr. Cardinal followed by the nest and hopefully a couple of pictures of the young ones.

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Sparky said...

I really like the picture of mother cardinal. Can't wait to see father cardinal and the kids. I think cardinals are so cool looking. I also like Blue Jays, so if you have any pic's.