Wednesday, July 2, 2008

More Steam Day...

I am short on time so today's post will be short. These three photographs come from steam day at the Maryland Fire Museum in Lutherville, Maryland on June 14, 2008. This was the steamer that pumped all day. As I said in another post from this event, I was disappointed in the event failing to remember that the last time I was there it was a special occasion. BUT, if you have never been to the museum the trip is worth it, the rigs are fantastic (if you like that kind of thing and I do). Also if you have never seen a steamer operating before the trip is worth it just for that.

When I get a good scanner that will do my slides and photographs justice I will scan some from 2004 and post those. Imagine three huge grey horses pulling a Gorter water tower, followed by the combination wagon posted a couple of days ago and more horses pulling this big steamer in a parade around the grounds. Then to top it off the steamer pumps water to the set up tower and flows the big gun. It was a sight to see and about as close to perfect as you can get.


Sparky said...

Nice pic's. Is this a yearly thing and the same date if so?

wefr15 said...


I think the days of big musters with hundreds of apparatus are a thing of the past with the price of gas now days. Collectors are not travailing as far and as often in the past. I have noticed a sharp drop off in the shows and musters I have attended this summer.

Cincy Bill

Bradley Myers said...

Yes this is a yearly thing, I don't remember if it is the same weekend every year but it is always in June.

Anonymous said...


Absolutely wonderful site and some of the best pics I've seen.

The steamers as you mentioned, are an awesome sight to see, especially in operation and should be manditory for all Rook's!!

Makes you appreciate the job and the history of our culture.

I spent July 2 reflecting and wondering what would it be had the day not happened!!!

Peace Bro and man, are you getting fat or is just a bad pic?


Bradley Myers said...

Hey Tag, calling me fat, wouldn't that be the pot calling the kettle tope?

How you doing old boy? Long time no see.

Stop by more often, you never know what you might see on here.


Anonymous said...

Hey Bro, Just means more coming from someone of my "stature"!!!!

Maybe I'll catch up with ya in Sept for WEFR's gun bash and we'll tell some lies, oopps, um I mean stories!!