Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Shane Plays Rugby...

This past Saturday Shane played in his final rugby game of the season. This was his third year playing the sport and he really enjoys playing it. Unlike in years past he missed a number of the practices and games because of prior commitments to Boy Scouts and vacations. Who knows if he will keep playing as he gets older there is more and more things to take up his time.

Today I started adding labels to my post, this one for example will be labeled family. Some of the labels will include; hockey, fire, pa wildlife, Yellowstone, Alaska, bears, wildlife, misc., etc., etc. The labels can be seen at the bottom of each post and a list of them will be in the column to the left. I have updated the last ten post and hope to finish the site in the next few days. When completed it will make it easier to find a particular subject you want to view. For example if you click on the Yellowstone label it will bring up all my post from Yellowstone. I am also updating my Shippensburg Fire Department history site to include the labels also. I hope this makes it easier for everyone.


Kenny said...

I like the label thing. Haney has been doing it for awhile and it does make things easier to return to. I sometimes see something that later comes up in conversation and its easy to find to make sure I remember what I'm talking about. Keep up the good work, I'm still here lurking, even if I don't say so.

Bradley Myers said...

Thanks Kenny, I am finding out it is more work than I thought. When I go to a post and due it the blog returns to the current page and I need to scroll through them to get to the next edit.

I wanted to do it because on this site there is people that are only intrested in the wildlife photography. If I have not posted any for awhile I want them to be able to find it easier.

On the fire site it is more of a research item for people looking for a particular item.

Thanks for looking. Yellowesone coming up in another month or so for the rut. Should be lots of photos then.

Willard said...


It's good to see that you're having a good summer with the family outings.

I was pleased to hear you are going to Benezette. Some of the bulls should be shedding their velvet in the time frame you are talking about.

A very important tip: Elk are usually early morning and late evening animals and are especially so in warm weather. They often leave the meadows shortly before or just after sunrise. I found some calves in the bottom across the bridge from Benezette Store on two different mornings and I saw two big bulls in town. They were "Fred" Bull 36 and an up and coming young bull who is actually a little larger. Good luck on your trip!

Bradley Myers said...

Thanks for the information Willard, I am lookinf forward to the Pennsylvania elk after seeing the western elk so many times.