Monday, July 14, 2008

Family Portrait, Minus Shane...

I hope everyone had a great weekend, but then again what is it any of my business. Dang this is just a beautiful day isn't it. My last daylight until sometime in September. I am getting misty eyed just thinking about it.

I ended last week with a couple of photographs I thought would be fun and start the weekend off right. I guess it worked, I only got the few comments that I normally would but I heard allot of people mentioning the photos and talking about Shane and the girls with the long legs. With that being said I thought (only for a brief second, it hurts my head) lets begin the week with a fun thought provoking photograph also.

This was taken just last week in my back yard. That is Linda and I and for those of you that never met me, Hello!! I am looking through the viewfinder as always. OOOPPSS look at the time work is approaching.


Sparky said...

Turn around, another leg shot.

Woody said...


It was a pleasure to finally get to meet you. I did learn a few things and will be trying them out with the camera here shortly.

I had a great time with the men from Station 1. That was a great meal.

We'll have to get together and do a photo shoot again sometime in the future or just get together..