Thursday, July 17, 2008

Quick Post, Gotta Run...

This will be very quick this morning I have an appointment to keep. Another from Wildwood Lake, this is what we always called a piney when I was growing up and still do today. Why I had to wait for my walk around Wildwood to shoot this chipmunk is beyond me when I have many of them living right here at my house. Maybe I will photograph some of my own soon as they eat all the bird seed from the feeders. For more information on this little critter check out . Like yesterdays, the image is not as sharp as I would like it to be but it was shot in very low light, hand held, and I really didn't have time for anything else this morning.


Sparky said...

Nice picture of the Piney. I like to feed them peanuts in the fall for winter food.

Anonymous said...

Brad, can you get a picture of a shunk for us?

Shane, can you get a pic of your Dad sleeping after a long night at work. I am sure that you can secretly post it on here for our veiwing pleasure.