Thursday, July 10, 2008

Harrisburg, Pa...

Since things didn't go according to plan with photographs today's photos come from Harrisburg, Pa. These were taken late spring this year from way above the Capitol steps. The first photo is looking south on Third Street and the bottom is looking west on State Street from the Capitol.

I mentioned yesterday that I hoped to post photographs of the little cardinal but I could not find it yesterday. I am certain it is no longer around the butterfly bush because as I looked mom and dad didn't show up chirping. They both appear to be hanging around a big oak tree in the back part of my neighbors lawn now. What I did find is a nest under construction by what looks like a finch. Of course it is in shrubbery that we planned to remove, now it must stay until the nest is used and vacated. I also found another nest in one of our other butterfly bushes. It is fairly small with a single off white colored egg with spots on it. The bird using it almost has the appearance of a blue jay but is smaller and a dark grey color. Can anyone help me out on the type of bird it is. I will photograph it given the chance. Our gourds are getting plenty of use by the birds again this year also. Well Shane and I are off on a photo shoot, you will know if it was successful nest week if you see some photos.


Sparky52 said...

Nice pictures of the city. The pic's make Harrisburg look like should be a nice city to work and live in.

Woody said...


Is the Capital within walking distance of Riverfront Park??

Bradley Myers said...

I guess that depends on who you are Woody. It is for me but then again Shane and I just came back from a five mile walk at Wildwood Lake. Morning sun on the Commonwealth Ave. side and afternoon sun from the river side if you are looking to shoot it.

Anonymous said...

Must say the same, nice pics of the city.

Give me shout sometime and we'll see if we can get a roadtrip together and visit some ole brothers like TM or whoever !!!

Gotta say I don't miss the job but do miss the Bro's!!!