Monday, January 21, 2008

I Should Give Up

Last Thursday night Friday morning it snowed here in Pennsylvania, yeah great, and I have not retired and moved away yet. Anyways running low on things to post I thought it would be a good idea to take a drive and shoot some photos for the future. Two hours of driving around and all I could come up with were these water fowl floating in a stream. Oh I forgot there was a nice flock of beautiful mallards in the same stream and the green on them looked great against the white snow but I scared them off without getting a shot off.

I have now realized there is not an artistic bone in my body. Maybe it is time to give up and remember that I shoot for fun and myself and not this site. Pressuring myself to find the right shot or process it correctly (witch probably won't happen anyway) takes all the fun out of it. With viewers going done on here I may cut back more than the five days a week I post now and go back to enjoying photography.


Chuck said...

You should always shoot for your own enjoyment. I also can to the realization a while ago that I am not artistic either. Some people are (Like Brian) and some are not (Like me). So I just shoot stuff I like for me.

I do enjoy you shots so do what you like and keep it up.

More Fire Engines and Trucks!!!!

How about some Pump Primer's shots?

Wagon Master In Training said...

I think that we should send Jimmy Olsen out on an assignment. Does anybody have any sugestions beside the normal places that fireman would go.

Bradley Myers said...

I will try and get you more fire engines, I don't have much from PPP I am to busy running my mouth to take pictures. Who is Jimmy Olsen and why are we sending him out. You should take me along to work sometime JB and let me ride for the night so I can photograph the Wagon Master in action.

Wagon Master In Training said...

Brad, can you handle 24 hours. I will look into it. Things have been slow on my shift. That staffing has went crazy. We have been riding 6 on the truck and 5 on the engine lately. Nobody wants to take off work. The Jimmy Olsen comment was toward you Brad.