Monday, January 14, 2008

Alaska Sea Otters

Today's photograph is of Alaska sea otters. The photo was taken at Valdez while waiting to go out on a cruise last July.

Sea otters are the largest member of the weasel family and the smallest marine mammal. Ninety percent of the world’s sea otters live in coastal Alaska.

The Marine Mammal Protection Act protects sea otters. It prohibits commercial harvest of sea otters, and allows Alaska natives to hunt sea otters for subsistence and creation of handicrafts.

Historically, sea otter populations made a dramatic comeback after near extinction due to over hunting, and later survived the Exxon Valdez oil spill.

I will continue to post photographs during the week, but I will no longer make post on the weekends. Since I started the site four months ago very few people visit the site on Saturdays' and Sundays'. The numbers are just to small then for me to take the time to update the site. I want to thank everyone that does look at my site daily and I hope you enjoy it.


Chuck said...

Nice Picture on Capital City Fire Photos!

Bradley Myers said...

Chuck, thats not me that is my evil twin.

Brian Bastinelli said...

I do like that picture as well.

But I like this one too. These seem like they would be fun little creatures to shoot (with the camera). And you seem to be able to get a little closer to them than their mountain cousins.

I like the expression on the one on the right.

Jose's World said...

Great image of the sea oters...I had been chasing them for years and had not been able to get any great images. I do love Alaska and had the opportunity once to go to Adak where the bald eagles are so tame that you can just walk next to them as well as the foxes. I was in Homer last year with there is/was a similar situation in Jean Keene's backyard.