Friday, January 11, 2008

I Don't Want To Be Here

Since I have to go back to work today I thought this would be fitting. I also felt it would be a good way to put an end to the Florida beach photos. This does not mean you won't be seeing any more Disney or bird photos from Florida there will be more to come in the future.

Speaking of going back to work, it looks like today will be good and bad. We pick our vacations today so I will know when I will be off this year, YEAH!!!!, no clothing picks though since someone screwed that up again this year. Some people never get it. I will have a busy clean up morning though, as the guys are working a fatal three alarm fire on the hill as I type this. For those of you familiar with Harrisburg you will say it only went two alarms, since I am not as screwed up as the powers that changed to wording that worked forever it went THREE ALARMS.

Time to go back to dreaming about being at the beach.


Wally said...

OK, What are they looking for ?
Linda's other shoe or just at the water,,,

Bradley Myers said...

That would have been a good title, Shane where is my shoe. No they were looking for shells as the waves went back out. Linda had to keep the special shoe on since she had foot surgery.