Thursday, January 10, 2008

Fun On The Beach...

Okay know I am starting to struggle with getting photos ready post and what to say. Not to mention having photographs to get ready. I may need to pull out some more Katmai bear photos soon. This is my son Shane playing on the beach over Christmas break in Melbourne, Florida. Because of other vacations we have not gone to the beach the last few years and forgot how much we all love the ocean. I guess Fenwick Island, Delaware will be in the plans for this year.


Chuck said...

My Vote (as if I get one).

More Fire Photos!
More Fire Photos!

We love fire trucks!
And some mountains also.

Bradley Myers said...

Chuck you get a vote, it may not count but you get a vote. I would like to do more fire photos but I just can't buy a fire these days. Maybe I can stir up some old fire trucks for you. Until then I got some grizzly photos ready today.