Thursday, July 29, 2010

More Sika's...


Like I said yesterday more on the Sika Deer today. In order to get a full body photograph I used the point and shoot camera and since I had it in my hands I figured why not shoot a quick video of him grazing. With that said the quality will not be the same as yesterdays photos. I hope the video works, this is the first time I attempted to post one from this camera.

Sika's are an oriental species, they found there way to Blackwater when a local man by the name of Clement Henry purchased several to bring to his home in Cambridge Maryland in 1916. Sika's are smaller than whitetails only standing about two and a half feet tall, they have a rich chestnut red coat. Often the coat exhibits white spots much like the whitetail fawns during the summer months. Those spots fade away at other times of the year. A black dorsal stripe runs from the ears to the base of the tail and can be seen in the photos I posted. They normally range in herds of five to twelve although the three times I have seen them there has never been more than two together at a time. There racks rarely grow larger that six points. Since the Sika's lack natural predators and because they multiply at great rates the areas in Maryland have a hunt once a year.

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Willard said...

It is interesting to see the Sika. I can see how they resemble elk in their facial features.

sebi_2569 said...


Coy said...

What pretty little deer.

I have seen a few during my visits to the Eastern Shore but have yet to get a good shot of them.