Friday, July 23, 2010

Black Squirrel...

While in Benezette this summer we photographed more than just Elk, we also photographed this black squirrel. He was one of two that we seen, the other was much darker making very easy to tell it was a black squirrel. But he was so far away that the photos were not very good and we were able to get much closer to this guy. I remember as a kid traveling to Clearfield County to hunt turkey's and black squirrels with my grandfather and a friend Richard Davis. Richard got one and we never got a shot off on the ones we seen. These guys were the same way, not as approachable as grey squirrels, when they seen us they were gone.


shane myers said...

Very nice sir.

joco said...

Are there any red squirrels (left) in the US?
We only have a pocket of them now, in the far North of Scotland. The rest have been driven out by the grey ones, which in turn seem to be threatened by black interlopers from the South.

Just noticed: your son approves :-)