Friday, July 2, 2010

Playful Fawns...

Back to the SNP trip today. During the time I was in SNP I encountered 40 to 50 deer each day. Some were bucks and as many as five or six fawns. While there I seen no turkeys this time but I did see a black bear. Sorry no photos of it, he was in the woods and they were to thick to photograph in, he also wanted no part of me and my camera. I was told that there was a sow and two cubs in the camp grounds and that they would let me in to take a few photos and then leave. I quickly headed in that direction only to be informed by a ranger that they just moved the bears out of the area so it would be safe for the campers. Like always I should have been there 10 minutes ago.

These two were captured in the Big Meadows, they were photographed at 600 mm and then cropped in to make the photograph. I shot almost exclusively with the 200-400 vr f4 lens and was pleased with the outcome. Willard Hill mentioned in the comments on my first post from here about the glow. This and other photos I will be posting from here have a warm glow to them, it is not a color cast that I would correct but the way thing look in the big meadows in the early morning or late evening sun. These playful fawns were so much fun to watch, they play like a puppy or kitten jumping and running and weaving in and out of mothers legs. I hope you enjoy the photos as much as I enjoyed seeing it in person.


Willard said...

Hi Brad,

I enjoyed catching up on your blog this morning. Excellent photos as always. I enjoy both the wildlife and the documentary type photos.

Coy said...

Lovely light Brad.

I agree with your analisis of Big Meadows lighting, beautiful during the early & late hours and extrememly harsh otherwise.

I have been shooting local for the last few months but am now starting to get the itch for a travel shoot.