Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Blackwater Sika Deer..

I have just returned from another very short, too short of a visit to the beach. We decided to check out a few areas for me to photograph in the future on the way there and back. On the trip to Ocean City we stopped at Bombay Hook and on the way back we stopped at Blackwater. Neither trip was what it would have been had I gone there only to photograph birds and wildlife but both gave me a chance to check out the area and realize that I would make many return trips in the future.

For now I will leave you with just a little about today's photos and elaborate later on the subject. These critters are Sika Deer or Sika Elk. It depends on what you read some refer to them as deer and some as Elk. I posted a few a couple of years ago from Assateague Island, these come from Blackwater in Maryland. Shooting at both locations this trip was difficult as the sun was high and the temperatures were in the mid to high 90's. This one gave me some of the best chances because he was smart enough to remain in the shade for his afternoon feeding. The intentions were not to photograph just closeups but to get full body shots as well but because Shane had the 70-200 on his camera and I had the big lens on mine the second photo was the only full body shot I could get. More will follow on Thursday from the point and shoot along with the details of this animal.

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Haney said...

I have heard of Bombay Hook from some of the birder blogs, Blackwater doesn't ring a bell, though. I could be up for a run to one of these, maybe wait to the migration is in full swing. Hope I see some sikas next month if the skeeters don't eat me alive.