Monday, July 26, 2010

Pennsylvania Pump Primers...

These photographs were taken at the 35TH annual Pennsylvania Pump Primers along riverfront park in Harrisburg on Saturday July 11 of this year. Each year antique fire apparatus parade from the Pa. Farm Show arena to here and pump from the river for the day. It is always a good time and for me like old home week. I enjoy the rigs but the day is really a chance for me to see and talk with old friends, and talk I do. This year I had the privilege of meeting up with an old friend from Cincinnati, Bill Strite. I hope he had a good time and maybe we can do it again another year.

Okay I do not know what to expect from these. We had never calibrated our monitor and recently we had to get another one so we figured it was time to do so. At the end it gives you a chance to see the present and the way it was. I was amazed at the color cast it showed the system had. Is is right now? Beats me, I do know that when I look at photographs on my blog now I see the color cast. These are the first photographs I did since it has been calibrated, they may not be easy to tell because I applied an art filter to them. Unfortunately not all of my upcoming post are post calibration either, like tomorrows it was done before the calibration. You know the more I do this the less I seem to know and the worse I get.


Sparky said...

Was off work Thur & Fri. didn't have time to look at the site. Pictures look good. Keep up the great job.

wefr15 said...


You are correct I will attend again and I will not wait 35 years to do so! It was great to spend the day with you and I too got to see some old friends also.

Your pictures always look good. My problem with old age is I have to re-calibrate the old eyeballs

Cincy Bill

Woody said...

Great job as usual Brad. I like how you processed these..

joco said...

Are we talking PC monitor here?
I had such a shock with my first 250 D300 images. They looked, well, the word crap comes to mind. Almost threw the whole lot in the bin and went back to the Coolpix 990 for a day.
Then I happend to use a different monitor and they were all simply brilliant.
I felt vindicated and justified in jumping into DSLR. Was a horrible week leading up to the breakthrough though.
How about the importance of video card and digital versus analogue?
So many steps between camera and human eyes.

Feel free to zap all my comments.