Monday, October 12, 2009

Washingtonburg 2009...

Like I mentioned last week I will mix somethings in with the Elk rut photos and videos, so here is your one mixer up for the week. September 20TH on the way home from the Eisenhower farm WWII weekend I made a pit stop at the Army Heritage Center in Carlisle. They were having there 3RD Washingtonburg weekend. I only had a short time to run through the encampment as I had to get to work but I did manage to get in a few shutter releases. This years event was not as good as the first two but still worth attending. The period vendors were in attendance, General Washington was there but the military units were not there as in years past. I was told is was due to a scheduling conflict. No matter what the case this is a free event that is still very good and a must for any historian that lives in the area. I know if I am off work next year I will visit again. Guess what, Elk in the morning.

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