Tuesday, October 20, 2009

More Pennsylvania Elk Herd...


You didn't think I could stay away from the Elk photos for too long did you? Both of these were shot on different days and in different areas but both were taken with the Nikon D90. As always TURN YOUR VOLUME UP, the video last 18 seconds and this nice bull does not disappoint when he lets out a great bugle. That is one of the most impressive things you will ever hear or see. It is sad to think we have to wait another whole year to enjoy it live again. After doing this photograph and looking through the D300 files I found I got a number of good shots of this guy on the mountain that evening. Don't forget most all of my photos get larger if you click on them.

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Sparky said...

Love the first shot, nice rack. The video is great to, love the sound.Could listen to that all day.

Crokus Family said...

My daughters are watching Disc 2 of Williards movie right now and then I come here to see you have even more amazing elk for us! The weather is georgeous here today... sure makes me wish I could be in Benezette!