Friday, October 16, 2009

Greater Yellowlegs...

First let me say if I misidentified this bird please step up and let me know. When I first photographed it I thought it was a type of sandpiper but after looking at it and checking my books it appears to me to be a Greater Yellowlegs.

After being north and photographing the Elk the fire has been burning in me to get out and see and photograph more wildlife. Last week I took a walk at one of the local watering holes in search of migrating birds. While doing so I came across these two guys in the water. To learn more about the
Greater Yellowlegs click the link. Don't expect the break from Pennsylvania Elks to last very long I will revisit them again next week.


Sparky said...

I really like the top picture. I like how it shows two birds.

Crokus Family said...

Hello Brad... you don't know me but I found your blog link on Willard's and was hoping you could get in touch with me! I too have a blog( you could visit or e-mail me at I hope to speak with you soon, I just had a couple questions and I think you might be just the guy to anser them for me!!