Friday, October 2, 2009

One From The Front...

This is not the same mule deer from yesterday but I figured since I showed you one from the rear I would post one today from the front. This mule deer was also photographed last fall in Yellowstone, but no place close to yesterday's photo. Next week I hope to bring you some non wildlife photographs, so for those of you that are not big wildlife fans stick with me.

Tomorrow is the big day, as a hockey fan my Washington Capitols and Hershey Bears both play their home openers. The Caps will raise the division banner and the Bears will raise their record 10TH Calder Cup banner. We will be on hand to see the banner reach the rafters. Oh, hockey season, it makes winters worth it, sometimes.


Woody said...

Just a shame you can't bring your camera to the Bears games anymore..

Brian Bastinelli said...

I remember that shot, right before we met Bill and Peggy from CA if I remember correctly.

It's been an interesting trip but overall not a whole lot different than last year.

Bill and Peggy didn't come this year, they are fishing in Mexico. I did spend a lot of time with Idaho Bill though. We had a great time. He got a new truck.... silver Toyota Tacoma and he sleeps in the back of it as well.

sfriel said...

Love your BLOG. It was great meeting you and Willard. I really enjoyed our time together. That Willard is quit the card. Someday maybe we will be in his class as photographers. He is truly an amazing man. Gotta go now, a little sleepy. I will follow your blog so I will see your posts.

Seeya soon!!!!!!!

Ken Conger Photography said...

Nice shot Brad. I am actually in YNP this evening, working my way back to VA. Got in late but saw at least 4 bulls and all bugling.

Hope your team wins the opener.

Blue Skies.