Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Red-Crested Cardinal...

Sorry today's post is a little later than usual, it is live for a change and not a scheduled post. It was meant to be scheduled but like most days the last two weeks at home I work until dark, shower, eat dinner and then off to bed almost right away. With the rain they are calling for today maybe I will get a few post ready.

This is a Red-crested cardinal, I could not find him in the online bird guide I like to use so I will have to use the information from the pocket guide to Hawaii's birds I purchased when on vacation. This bird was fairly common on islands that had mongoose. they were imported from Brazil and unlike the northern cardinal seen here in Pennsylvania the males and females both look alike. The juveniles look different from the adults, I will post a photo of a juvenile soon.


Michelle Johnson said...

We have solid red cardinals (male)here. The female is buffy brown with a red crest, black face, red bill with dusky red wings and tail. Great shots.

Willard said...

A beautiful bird, Brad. I never saw a photo of one before. It was interesting to see you other Hawaiian photos as well.

I am sorry you couldn't make it to the elk range in July. I am planning the next trip north from Aug.17-21st.

Brett said...

great shot

Sara G said...

oh WOW, Brad, this bird is just amazing. I have never seen one before.
Thanks so much for sharing!!

Texas Travelers said...

Nice photo. Looking forward to seeing the juvie.

I know you like Alaska,
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