Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Kilauea Lighthouse...

This is the Kilauea Lighthouse on the island of Kaua'i, I mentioned yesterday that this island does not have mongoose but did provide the best bird watching we encountered on our trip. Unfortunately I did not get to spend much time around this lighthouse which was a great bird watching area because we were only on this island a short time and there was other things to see since it was a family vacation and not a wildlife photography trip. If I do not remind myself that and remember it Linda will when we are on vacation.

Sorry for not posting the last few days last week, I have many projects going around the house and just did not have time to work up a photograph and post it. Many of those projects did not go away but are getting closer to completion. I am hoping to get them done so I can spend some time in the Shenandoah forest and north in Elk County this fall and maybe even next month. I need a wildlife photography fix in a bad way but I can't get it while there is work to be done or that is all I would think about.

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Michelle Johnson said...

What a great shot. I really like lighthouses. They're nostalgic. I had to smile when you said Linda would remind you of being on vacation. I'm sure you'll be back at your wildlife photography soon. Have a great day.