Friday, July 17, 2009

Night Time On The Strip...

I really enjoy the effect one gets when using long exposures. While in Honolulu I captured a few long exposure shots. This one was taken on the main strip, I did not use the tripod but set the camera on a wall and used the timer to avoid shaking the camera when the shutter was released.

I mentioned before that I would give some personal observations of Hawaii so here it goes. I can't pronounce the words and didn't even try, the speed limits are so slow I could not wait to get home and drive 90 mph on the beltway to get it out of my system. Most of the speed limits are under 55 mph with few areas that allow you to drive that fast. Even in those areas people drive 10 mph under the limit. Honolulu has as many homeless people living on the beach as cops in the streets and that is allot. If you see a blue light on anything it is not a fire cop but a Police officer. Don't cross the streets unless you have the walk signal, even if no one is coming, you will get a ticket. The malasada's are just out of this world and so is the Moco Loca. The water and fish are just beautiful, but their is no other wildlife and the birds are scarce except for one island leaving me sad. If you are not Japanese you are a minority. I guess I should have made notes because the others are not coming to me. It was a great vacation and I am glad I went but I am more a Yellowstone or Alaska person, I just love the wildlife. On the other hand I think Linda and Shane could stay there forever.

I know I posted four days in a row from Hawaii and I have many more but I will mix things up, I just need to photograph something else. This summer has been a blur with little time for anything but projects and Shane. Have a great weekend I am back to work tomorrow.


Michelle Johnson said...

Hey Bradley~ Thanks for the link to Skype. I now have it downloaded. Hope Shane enjoys talking with his grandparents.

Deja vous this picture and post. :)

Have a great day.

Ken Conger Photography said...

Hawaii does have wildlife photo opportunities, especially for birds, depending on which islands you visit. Wish I knew you were going, could have provided some hints. Sounds like your family had a great time which is always the priority. Blue Skies.