Monday, January 19, 2009

Trying To Make Things Happen...

For the last few weeks I have been posting photographs taken over the last three plus years, the problem is none were just taken. There is three blogs I follow every day, Pennsylvania Wildlife Photographer (Willard Hill), Country Captures (Salty Hill) and Ken Conger Photography all are wildlife blogs and more often than not they are newly recorded photographs. Now I am sure they all have had problems coming up with photos or something to say from time to time, but for the most part they are new images.

These guys don't get these images with luck, granted it is always nice to have a little luck. They get the photos by first being out in the wild and more importantly doing there homework and learning the animals and their habits. I understand the local wildlife but have never taken the time to learn the area I live in well enough to go out and get the shots. I said at the beginning of the year I was going to get out and stop procrastinating, well I have done just that being out each of the last two days.

My wife Linda was a big help giving me a jump start Saturday morning. On Friday I got a call from her at work about a herd of deer she had seen that afternoon. As she relayed it there may have been as many as 15-16 deer in this herd. Shortly after getting home from work Saturday morning we head out to the area she was telling me about and there they were close to the same area numbering at that time 7-10 whitetail. This did not include the four others we seen close by. I shoot a few photographs even though they are not in the best of settings but more importantly I head right back out the next morning. Sunday morning I only seen these two, a little further off but laying in the snow waiting to be photographed.

I also got out to one of the local waterways to shoot some birds and have been shooting my own birds that seem to be eating us out of house and home. I must be the only one feeding them as often as I have to fill the feeders. Needless to say it gives me a few days of new photographs to post and maybe the start of getting out and making things happen like those guys do.


Arija said...

Be content Badley, the animals come to you to sit for their portraits. You don't have to make things happen.

Chuck said...

"I must be the only one feeding them as often as I have to fill the feeders."

The economy is bad!

Obama will fix it. Bird seed for every american!

Ivar Ivrig said...

Photography needs a lot of planning, no doubt about that.

These two are cute. A bit scared I can see.

Salty said...

They look so pretty lying there in the snow. Nice shot Brad!

Planning of course is quite a bit of the equation but simply being out, being observant, and being prepared to take advantage of what ever situation presents is what works for me. But then again I never was the most organized person.

Dale Jr.(Wally) said...

Brad you doing a great job, Sorry I don't get on here as much as I did before. But I'm finally back to work or should I say employed,

Leedra said...

I got a good laugh out of Chuck's comment. My husband told me this morning as often as I am filling the feeders it was going to become expensive. And that is just at one of the houses.

Love the photo. They look so relaxed, they don't even appear to be cold in that snow.

Who cares when the photo was taken? They don't grow old.

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Ken Conger Photography said...

Well even if you haven't been posting recent images, your blog and photos are always interesting. Appreciate the kind words and wish you the best with your local efforts. BTW, nice image. Blue Skies.

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