Friday, January 2, 2009

New Things For A New Year...

With every new year brings new things in a persons life, for me I don't really know what new things the coming year has in store for me. I do not make new years resolutions because I have never kept them in the past, so why try and fool myself now. I know I will be getting a new fire chief at work after working for the same chief my whole career, new apparatus will be placed into service this year and I may even leave the truck for a different job. Outside of work we hope to vacation in Hawaii this year and my son will become a teenager. I would like to work out more and change my eating habits and I would really like to quit saying I want to get out and shoot more and just do it. I hope to meet fellow wildlife bloggers and cyber mentors Ken, Willard and Salty this year. Whatever happens new this year I am sure it will fly past in a blur.

I would like to thank everyone that stopped by my site this year and a bigger thanks to those of you that took the time to comment. I am hoping for more constructive criticism this year, it is the only thing I have to tell me if I am doing the right things with the camera and Photoshop. With that said I would like to share my site statistics for 2008.
14,909 visits
33,071 pages viewed
Average pages viewed per visit 2.22
Average time on the site per visit 2:32
August was the most viewed month of the year
67% of visits were referrals (most from my Shippensburg Fire site)
20% were direct visits
13% searched onto the site (most by typing Bradley Myers)
I had visitors from 74 countries and every state in the U.S.

Again a big thanks for stopping by, Brad


Ivar Ivrig said...

Happy new year to you and your family. I'm looking forward to follow you and your great photos in 2009.
I think this calf look a bit lonely but I guess its mother is just a few meters away.

Coca Cutie said...

Happy new year Bradley! :)

Rocky Mtn. Girl said...

Happy New Year to you, Bradley and I thank you as well for stopping by my blog and for the wonderful comments you have given me over the 2008!
I look forward to seeing more of your wonderful photography over the 2009 year...

Mountain Retreat- Canada

Leedra said...

Well the visits is about the same as mine. Today it is showing 14,620. I didn't look on the 31st.

It has been a great year for blogging. I enjoy your blog, but I have not things to be critical about.

Great photo for the beginning of the new year.

gina said...

love the lil calf...perfect for this entry. yes, i'm sure 2009 will fly by in a blur, but it sounds like some wonderful plans you've made for the upcoming year.

Woody said...


Even If I don't comment. I'm on the site and the FD site a few times a day..

Keep up the good work..

Ken Conger Photography said...

Brad. impressive and interesting stats. Thank you as well for being one of my first blog buds. As you mention, lets plan on crossing paths somewhere this year. Blue Skies.

Salty said...

Love the buff calf shot!

Like any other year 09 will have its ups and downs and with the currrent economy perhaps more downs for a lot of us, who knows. Getting together for some serious shooting sounds like fun, lets plan on it!

Willard said...


I like today's photo a lot. I was pleased that you listed Salty, Ken, and I as cyber mentors, but I've mentioned to Salty several times in the last year that I really don't consider myself all that great of a photographer. I just love the craft, being out there, and I enjoy sharing what little I have been able to learn.

You are to be commended for your dedication to photography and blogging. I also hope that we can all meet this year. (Maybe we can talk Ken into visiting Elk County).