Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Who Is The New Guy?

Okay I bored you long enough with Katmai, but don't think I am not going back to them sometime. As soon as Linda teaches me how to edit and prepare the video from there, they will replace photos for a couple of days.

The top image was taken this past Friday March 7 on 3rd Street in Harrisburg. It was Brian's' first day back after being off for over three months with an injury that I can not go into detail about because he keeps reminding me it falls under HIPPA. We were on the street when county dispatched companies for a motor vehicle accident, being in the area we decided to take it in. Here I believe the Captain is explaining to Brian that we have a new S.O.P. since he has been gone and that anytime we are on the street he is to wear his vest like the rest of the progressive truck crew. Unfortunately I got the camera off the truck and just took a few frames without looking through the viewfinder to give the Capt. a hard time about wearing the vest. It was not until after I downloaded them that I realized "Hey the Capitol is in the background" and that had I only taken a moment to compose a few shots and adjust the settings I could have had something decent.

The second photograph was taken May 13, 2007 on Radnor Street at a general alarm fire. It is really just a space filler for today but something a little different for me. I got brave and played with photoshop applying numerous different layers that I have never worked with before. I liked the final result so I thought I would post it.


Brian Bastinelli said...

BLA, BLA, BLA! You should work in the political world because you sure can put a spin on a story.

On another note, its nice to see my truck brothers take a step towards the modern world. Even if they were forced to.

Oh and ya, nice pics.

Chuck said...

How cute!

I know you missed your little driver buddy!

1 question though. In the picture one person is in full PPE and 1 is missing bunker pants. Did he grow out of the pants while he was off?

Bradley Myers said...

Chuck as Brehm would have said "Missed ya like a dose of the clap, ERRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR!!!" may he rest in peace.

I also had my full PPE and vest on, its tuff but we are trying to bring him up to speed like us.