Wednesday, March 12, 2008

The Eye's Have It...

I thought I took care of the hard part, I got two photographs ready to post and had a title in mind. The hard parts are out of the way now all I have to do is post them and worry about the next day. Well it didn't work like that, I have no idea what to say now that they are up.

The top photograph is Cappy and the bottom one is Alex. They are both named for the Washington Capitals hockey team. I have been wanting to photograph them for some time and they really don't do much except lay around. But let me get the camera and they won't stay still. A couple of days ago they were sleeping in the sun room and thought here is my chance. It was a little to bright with the existing light and I screwed up the dept of field and didn't get the whole image sharp but I am not a pro so big deal. I guess tomorrow I will need to go through this all over again.

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Sparky said...

Like the pics. Those eyes are cool.