Friday, March 21, 2008

Million Dollar Cowboy Bar...

Okay I really don't like these photographs but like the rest of the week I have nothing ready. Unlike the other days I don't feel like looking for a photograph and getting it ready, so like them or not this is today's post.

This is the Million Dollar Cowboy Bar in Jackson Hole, Wyoming. They were taken on a family vacation in the summer of 2005. The bars history started in the 1890's, in 1937 the bar was named the Cowboy Bar. At that time the bar was remodeled and that is when they began to use the knobbed pine, also referred to when we were there as boiled wood. In the mid-1940's the bar was sold again and that was when the Million Dollar was added to the name. At that time he used more of the knobbed pine in and outside of the building. In 1953 a large gas explosion originating from the basement destroyed most of the building and its contents. It was after this explosion that the neon sign was added to the roof of the building.

Since that time the bar has changed hands a few more times. The present owner collects western history and that along with the saddle bar stools can be seen inside. If you are ever in Jackson Hole it is worth stopping in just to see the building and its contents.

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Dale ( Wally) said...

You know that you keep bitting yourself about not having any thing ready.But I'm hear to tell you any thing you put on hear is great,,,Keep up the great work,,
But one thing,,,your little slow today,,,