Monday, March 17, 2008

It's St. Patrick's Day

Okay I will admit what you are looking at was not planned. For two hours I have been trying to upload a video to this site from an Alaska dog sled team to coincide with the ending of the iditarod race. I couldn't find any spec on here as to the size but I can only assume a 12 minute video is too large since two hours later it was still loading. I will keep have to shorten it up and try again.

Thank goodness it is St. Patty's Day because I had nothing ready for the site, that was why I was trying the video. These two photos were in a file of uploaded photos that had already been printed so I just re sized and put them up. I had to work this past Saturday so I did not get to go to the Harrisburg St. Patty's Day parade this year. This photograph was taken last year and for the most part is Harrisburg firefighters, some are from other locals that live in the area and have paraded with us in the past.

The reason for two photos is for you to tell me witch one you like best. The top image was converted to art work to appear more like a painting and the bottom photo is just that a straight photo. Maybe you don't like either one, with faces like that it scares me.


Chuck said...

I would say the bottom one. For some reason this photo just does not work with the painting effect. Nothing really stands out.

To tell the truth before i read the comments I couldn;t tell much of a difference between the two.

Dale(Wally) said...

Picture number 2 it is clear