Thursday, March 20, 2008

Out With Winter In With Spring...

With nothing prepared for this morning I thought I would stay with Shane and the change of seasons. I love the idea of winter being over and spring arriving. The grass turning green the flowers blooming and the trees budding along with opening the swimming pool and no more cold weather or snow makes it a wonderful time of year.

Spring always makes me feel like I should listen to John Mellencamp. It reminds me of the time when I had a Harley (and do I ever miss it) and the many days spent fishing with my grandfather, I miss him the most.

I guess it is my turn to make my sons spring a special time of year and give him fond memories to look back on.

The down side to spring is that hockey season will soon be over and the Orioles will soon be losing and losing and losing. Oh did I mention that the Orioles will lose allot of games this year. I will still root for them like I have for almost the last forty years.


Wagon Master In Training said...

Brad, maybe you try rooting for the Nationals. Oh, if you go to a game in DC, you can only come when I am working. Just incase you get lost.

Bradley Myers said...

Only an engine guy could get lost going to a baseball game. We have been there and seen the Nationals, I only get around the District using the subway and really don't you think anyone with half a brain could do that (okay rescue guys not included). Hook me up, let me come down and ride with you a tour and photograph you and the guys you work with.