Friday, March 7, 2008

Do We Really Have To Go!

Yesterday I posted about our trip to Katmai. Next week I will post about our time there and what we did photograph and what we should have photographed and didn't. Don't worry I only have one or two days worth of these post planned for next week.

The top photo is on the beach at Katmai, the planes fly in and ferry up to the beach. Once there people are waiting to help you get out without getting wet. It was almost time to leave but Linda and Shane still could not filming and photographing the bears. I will post a photo of what they were looking at next Monday. In the bottom photo you can see what the inside of the plane looks like. There is three rows of seating and I was lucky enough to get the front seat next to the pilot for the return trip home. Shane got to be co-pilot for the trip there. As you can see we get packed in pretty tight. I believe Shane is telling the lady how he took so many photos and the camera setting he used.


Sparky said...

My question is you visited Alaska in June or July, right. So why is everyone wear coats and long pants?

Bradley Myers said...

Sorry Dave, I missed your comment. You lived in King Salmon so you know summer is like a cool fall day here. Atleast it was when we were there. Plus I have never seen mosquitos (I bet I screwed up that spelling)that bas any place else.