Monday, March 31, 2008

Old Fire Engines Never Die...

Okay Chuck it has been awhile since I posted any fire for you and being a regular here I need to keep you happy. I shot this one last week while at the fuel pumps at work behind station #2. This is old Wagon 3 a 1988 Sutphen, she died late last summer and it was decided not to fix her up. Since then she has sat at station 2 to be cannibalized and stripped of anything useful and non useful the guys could get off of her. What a terrible way to go after serving the citizens so well for all these years.

Presently Wagon 3 is operating the old Wagon 4 one of the cities reserves and a 1988 sister to this engine. A new Wagon has been ordered from Peirce and should be here by December. Those guys won't know how to act when they finally get a new rig. Maybe that will be my chance to get away from the KME and start new for my last few years on the job.

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Chuck said...

Nice. It is a shame that this engine ends up like this. You are right on the new engine. My new volunteer company just got a new Pierce Rescue engine and it is nice. Of course it has all the bells and whistles which may not be on the new city rig.