Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Thats All He Gave Me...

The one thing that attracted me to Bombay Hook was the foxes in January, February and March. A trip was planned for that time earlier in the year but because of work, snow and other things it never happened. The red fox population is to be very good and at that time of the year it is the breading season. I never expected to see a fox on the day we drove through because of the warm temperatures and the high sun but one never knows. Just as we were exiting the refuge we spotted this fellow up ahead of us and this is all he provided me with photos. For anyone that photographs wildlife the rear end shot is pretty common, they normally find the delete button pretty quick. Hopefully this winter will be a different story for me as I plan to make the trip in search of good fox photos.

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Sparky said...

Cool little guy. Can't wait to see more later on.