Friday, August 20, 2010

National Boy Scout Jamboree

Before leaving for vacation Shane and I along with a group of other scouts from our council attended the National Boy Scout Jamboree at Fort AP Hill Virginia. It would have been great to have attended the entire Jamboree but because of vacation and other commitments that was not possible this year. We did see enough to know that we will attend the next one for the duration.

The event was attended by almost 45,000 Boy Scouts and adult leaders, this years being extra special as it is also the 100TH anniversary of Boy Scouts. Besides working on merit badges there was many other things the boys could earn that was only available at the jamboree. The site had its own radio station and daily news paper along with numerous trading posts.

In the first photo Shane and Jack (also from our troop) look at one of the two patch walls, in the second photo Shane, Jack and Kelly (Jack's father) take a break in the military area for lunch. In photo number three Shane looks at the many patches that were available for trade. Shane was looking forward to this portion and traded all but one of the patches he took with him. The fourth photos is Shane with the Boy Scout radio station on site and the last photo just shows part of the camp.


Sparky said...

I attended the the one in 1977 as part of the Keystone troop 196. My Dad and I take a road trip in 1981 to Fort AP Hill for that one. These are nice to attend, glad you and Shane had a good time.

Dale Jr (Wally) said...

Brad, was trying on some of my scout stuff and don't fit anymore,,

Brad Myers said...

I didn't remember you attending the Jamboree Dave, but then at that time we were in different troops and it was a long time ago.

Dale I would guess that your uniforms shrunk and that is why they do not fit you any more, LOL. Mine shrunk also.

Just wait until I tell you about our latest camp this weekend. I have never been that miserable at a camp in my life.

Anonymous said...

Was working in DC for the 100th anniversary parade and my truck company was detailed to the mall to form an arch. Very hot that day, but was very cool seeing all the kids march.