Monday, August 23, 2010

Arizona Bull...

I needed a a quick and easy post for today but that was easier said than done. This stupid system has been working like a piece of junk making it difficult to work on any photos. I guess when I see it on another computer I will know if I did alright or not. This was one of the few Elk we seen at the south rim of the Grand Canyon. I have photographed many Elk and most of those were better than this one but I could not pass up the chance to photograph a bull in four different states.

For those of you that start work on Monday's I can sympathize with you this week. After being off for 37 days it was ended by attending a National Boy Scout Camporee four hours north this weekend. I got up early yesterday morning and traveled back home for the most dreaded thing there is, back to work last night. I would rather be doing just about anything else. On the bright side four more days and if push comes to shove I can retire and move on with another phase of my life.

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bobshank said...

Brad, I like this photo, especially the background. It really helps the bull to stand out. I've only photographed a bull in one state so I am jealous!