Friday, August 13, 2010

Sinoquipe Scout Reservation...

I started my 37 day break from hell, oh I mean work last month by attended summer camp with Boy Scout troop 180. This year the troop went to Sinoquipe in Fort Littleton. This was my first trip to this camp and it was very nice. We had 17 boys and four leaders at camp and I think all had a great time despite the heat and two storms. I enjoyed scouting as a youth but I think it is more fun now getting to do it with my son. I think all of you that view this site know me but if you do not that is me and Shane in the second photo. The first photos is the troop at the color grounds awaiting the flag ceremony so we may get to the mess hall. The last photograph was home for my time their, regardless of the high temperatures I slept very well in this tent. Our next scouting adventure was attending the National Scout Jamboree at Fort AP Hill Virginia, maybe some photos from it later. By the way this is for my old scout friends Dale and David, are you guys missing this yet? These were also taken with the point and shoot camera. Can you tell that we try not to let any grass grow under feet in the Myers house, we are always on the go.


Sparky said...

Yes I miss it. Had fun when I was young too. Would like to get back into it, but have to find time. Talking about youth, boy are you looking old in that second picture. Hope you are having fun from your break. It get's better when retired.

wefr15 said...


You are getting soft in your old age! Cot with a mattress, Tent with a floor, what ever happened to under the stars on the ground?

I miss working with the kids but camping and roughing it all I can say is I got burned out in the Army with all that stuff. Hope you are enjoying your summer and time off.

Cincy Bill

Dale Jr ( Wally) said...

your right miss those days of sleeping on the ground, but since we are getting older it hard to get up off the ground.

Willard said...

This brings back memories, Brad. I went there for a week one summer when I belong to troop 45, and was there on several occasions for short periods of time.

joco said...

Hiya brad,
I reckon even I could get persuaded to camp with those comforts :-)
How lovely to get out the two of you. That's what memories are made of.
Beware though: time flies, much faster than you think.