Monday, August 18, 2008

Ugly Elk...

Lets start the week out with the ugliest Elk I have ever seen. This Elks antlers didn't know they were supposed to grow in the up position and for some reason ended up in the outward position. I would have to think it would be hard for him to walk through the woods without running into trees. These were shot at the Hick's Run viewing area last Saturday morning. I seen this guy and another bull numerous times last weekend but for some reason this guy would never face me so was unable to get a head on shot of him.

He reminds me of a moose we seen in the Tetons a couple of years ago. That moose had antlers on one side like a moose but the other side was narrow and rounded like an Elk, we referred to him as a Melk for the rest of our trip.

I would like to wish my wife a Happy 24TH Anniversary today. She is one lucky lady to have me for 24 years don't you think.


wefr15 said...

Congratulations on 24 wonderful years and you are lucky Linda hasn't traded you in for a newer model!!!

Brian Bastinelli said...

240 years of

Maybe she's the one that had you

Happy Anniversary!

Woody said...

Happy Anniversary my friend!!!

Not to show your age or anything, but I was 10 and going into 4th grade when you were

Anonymous said...

Brad & Linda

Happy 24th year of marriage to you both. May you have many more years together.


Kenny said...

Brad and Linda,
Congrats on 24 years.

Bradley Myers said...

Thanks guys, Linda sure is a lucky girl.

Tommy V said...

congrats on 24 years. I agree thats one ugly elf.

Arija said...

24yrs, congrats. we've got 50 under our belts and still going strong, there's hope for you young fellers yet.

Don't call him ugly, he'll resent that, he makes a perfect pitch fork substitute!