Tuesday, February 19, 2008

We Don't Need No Engine...

The next few days will be fire department related posts and after that I don’t know how much longer I am going to keep going. Between finding time to keep two sites running and coming up with images and things to say it is getting harder to do. Maybe if the fires would move a little closer to my area I could come up with some more material to cover me for awhile.

Today’s post was shot on 5th Street in Harrisburg, as the truck company was moving in to take another fire from the wagon. As my partner and I approached the fire with our ANSI and OSHA and NFPA and AFU (you figure out the last one) approved reflective vest on (so the fire could see us and the rodents would not run over us) he let me know he had it with his mop and that the wagon could return and if the Hill companies were still looking for the scene send them home also.

Okay really these were shot while we were filming a segment for Engine 21 the fire safety show that airs on CBS TV 21 every Wednesday evening.


Chuck said...

What's that orange stuff?

We don't see that much down here at the Grantley Hook and Hose!

You should have closed the door and I bet the fire would have gone out!

Sparky said...

Did you ever stop by the duck pond an snap some shoots there when you are in Ship?

Bradley Myers said...

If I closed the dorr all the fun would have been gone.

No I have not stopped by the duck pond, just because I have hit better places to shoot birds, LOL shoot birds.