Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Redtail Hawk Struck By Car Conclusion...

When I left you yesterday the bird had been retrieved from the side of the road and we were awaiting trained help. It was decided to take the bird across the road and place it in a covered shaded area. The gentleman that picked the bird up moved on and Shane, the Franklintown fire chief Mike Whitzel and myself waited for the game commission to arrive. At about 4:50 p.m. a deputy arrived and placed the hawk in a cage to be transported to York County and a woman that deals with injured birds.

Yesterday afternoon I received a phone call from the Mike Whitzel (the fire chief) to bring me up to speed on the injured Hawk. It turned out the woman we had been trying to get a hold of no longer had the permits required to work with these birds. The Deputy transported the injured Hawk to another facility in Helam Twp., York county to be treated. What we have been told so far is that there were no broken bones but the bird had taken a serious blow to the head. The one eye is in question and the bird will be kept there for several months to be brought back to health and see if the eye recovers. If the eye does not recover enough to allow the Hawk to hunt and be released he will be placed in a zoo type setting to live out the rest of his life. Thanks for the update Mike.

This reminded me of last August when Shane and I came across the Elk stuck in a swing set in Benezette. He recovered fully and this year his antlers grew normally with the exception of one tine in the front that is all white. I am hoping to come across this bull soon and photograph him. If I do the photos will be posted here.

It is Tuesday already so please visit Shane's blog for a new photo today.


Sparky said...

It is nice to hear that the hawk will be Ok. Good story and pictures.

wefr15 said...

Good pictures and story line. I am so glad that there are other people like you and Shane who can take the time out of their busy life to help one of God's creatures. Thanks for updating us on this beautiful bird of prey.

Also I hope to see some pictures from the WWII Weekend at the Eisenhower Farm.

Cincy Bill